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How To EarthWater

Because I’m asked a lot of questions about EarthWater, I dedicate a page to the newest super beverage that my friends and I truly can’t live without since we’ve started drinking it. The company currently only sells their products online via Amazon and individual distributors. I just so happen to be a really happy to share EarthWater distributor.

EarthWater is a 100% All Natural Black Alkaline Water Infused with Powerful Antioxidants, Electrolytes & 70+ Trace Minerals that absorbs & hydrates Faster & Better than plain water.

Natural Hydration, Natural Minerals, Natural Electrolytes, Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, No Carbohydrates, No Sugar, No Artificial Flavors, No Dyes, No Sweeteners, No Preservatives, No Chemicals, No Calories

How to Purchase EarthWater

Purchases can be made as an Affiliate or directly on Amazon. The cost for one case is $50 (with quantity price breaks) as an Affiliate or $70 as a Direct Consumer. Shipping is free either way. Other than the fantastic health benefits of EarthWater, there is no obligation to continue. Below you’ll find more information regarding both options.

To Purchase EarthWater and Register as an AFFILIATE

This link will take you to an Affiliate Page where you can sign up, purchase the product at a discount, and share a link for others to get the discount. Affiliate opportunity is open to US and Canadian residents only

To Purchase EarthWater without Registering as an AFFILIATE

EarthWater is sold exclusively at Amazon through the company itself via this link. You can make your purchase just as you would any other item on Amazon.


When it comes to water 84% of people worry a “great deal” or a “fair amount’ about drinking water. As one of them, if someone could convince me that there was something better than my go to water, I’d drink it.

When my friend Bill introduced me to EarthWater I turned to Google to do some research. My interest peeked when I read the company’s claim to “the greatest water on earth”, and that Salt Life founder Brig Hart was hired to bring the new product to market.*  I also read that Brig lives a few miles away from me. Surprisingly, Bill arranged for me to meet Brig to learn more. Brig is well known to be the “golden product guru” making every product he chooses to represent a massive success. It wasn’t tough to figure out why. Not only did he stumble upon a much anticipated organic super beverage, he’s an easy going well likable guy who enthusiastically uses and shares the products he represents – and enjoys a healthy, wealthy, happy, fun life for it. Click here to listen to Brig tell you all about it.

I drank my first bottle of EarthWater like anyone would drink any bottled water. Minerals color the water to about a 1/2 that of a dark soda. It’s odorless, tastes like fresh clean water, has no particles floating or settling in the bottle, and is both sugar free and organic. It’s loaded with trace minerals,  naturally detoxes every cell in your body, and balances pH levels. I could feel it working instantly and I’ve been drinking it since. Besides feeling great, knowing my pH levels are balanced is probably the best part of EarthWater for me.

From EarthWater Headquarters

The Greatest Water on Earth

“EarthWater is a health and wellness company producing water and health supplements infused with some of the richest Fulvic / Humic minerals on planet earth. The Company extracts this composition and liquifies them into a concentrate to create our amazing flagship product, FulHum functional water. These are the essential minerals that human body requires, but is often deprived of in our daily food sources. Our Fulvic/Humic compounds aid the body in delivering and absorbing these minerals and maintaining the right pH levels for good health. EarthWater’s mission is to provide products that infuse valuable micronutrients into the body with our healthy, holistic, natural ingredients supported by “Fulvic and Humic compounds.”

*Reference and Links:

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